The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide: How to choose a Mattress

The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide: How to choose a Mattress

Do you long for a slumberous and refreshed sleep?
Getting a sound and relaxed sleep is essential for us to be fit as a fiddle. That is where a
comfortable mattress plays a huge role. Yet, many of us overlook the fact that purchasing the
right mattress changes the whole sleep cycle, and fail in purchasing a mattress that provides
us great back support and comfort. Purchasing a brand new mattress makes a greater
investment for your health than expense, as this step can present a relaxed, undisturbed,
comfortable sleep. As a major investment, you need to make sure you choose wisely.
To help you decide on how to choose the right mattress, we are going to break down the
essential information step-by-step. With this guide, you’ll acquire the knowledge to hunt
down the best mattress with the right comfort and features to suit your necessities and
provide great refreshed sleep every night.
Sleep Position and Choosing Mattress:
The parts of your body that require additional support in order to sustain proper spinal
alignment would vary based on each person's sleeping posture. Thereby, choosing a mattress
that suits your sleeping position can enhance comfort and help avoid aches and pains.
● Side:
○ The Side sleepers put all their pressure on their hips and shoulders.
○ Sleeping on a mattress that’s too soft, would strain those points and dip out of
line with the rest of the spine.
○ If the mattress is too-firm, they will feel the impact at those points and would
lead to misalignment.
○ The best choice for all the side sleepers is with Medium Soft to Medium Firm
● Back:
○ Back sleepers put most of their pressure on their lower backs while they sleep.
○ If the mattress is too spongy, the torso would sink much deeper than the upper
back and lower body, and form a U-shape while sleeping, which creates strain.
○ If a mattress is too firm, there won’t be any space for the slight curve in our
lower back.
○ The best option for back sleepers is a medium firm to firm mattress with light
to medium contouring and bounce.
● Stomach:
○ Stomach sleepers are mostly like back sleepers as they put the most pressure
on their lumbar/lower spine.
○ Best choice for the stomach sleepers are usually a firm mattress that keeps
them out of a U-shape and will not make them feel suffocated while sleeping
face-down on the mattress.
What Are the Types of Mattresses:
Once you start looking to purchase a mattress, you may feel dizzy with so many
options.Almost all mattresses can be picked as one of the five types — Foam, Innerspring,
Hybrid, Latex, or Airbed. Innersprings are the most known and used type of mattresses in
most households before other mattress types have surged in popularity.
Foam: These mattresses are fully made out of foam and no coils. Such mattresses help with
medium to average contouring to the body, and pressure relief. Memory foam is one of the
well known foam mattress.The foam Mattress is a match for all those side sleepers and
couples. But for all the stomach sleepers foam mattresses would not be firm enough for good
Innerspring: A mattress with coil-based support system and few other layers.These
mattresses are bouncy, firm and supportive. Innerspring mattresses often lack pressure relief.
This is popular among all those who want to make a budget shopping. It's a great option for
all the back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and all those looking for firm mattresses.
Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses have two primary segments -an innerspring core support and a
substantial foam comfort structure. These hybrid mattresses provide perfect bounce,
contouring with low heat retention, greater airflow and durability. Perfect mattress for all
those who don’t mind spending a little more money on purchase and enjoy firmness,
temperature and durability.
Latex: A mattress made out of latex rubber, some people call it “All Latex” or “True Latex
Mattress. These mattresses are top-notch quality that provides incredible bounce, more
durable, organic mattress. But remember, all those who have latex allergies, try not to go for
this option. Other sleepers would find it a much cooler option and responsive than memory
foam. It's not the right option for all those who need pressure relief over their shoulders and
hips. Best for all the combo sleepers who change their sleeping positions.
Airbed: Airbeds are designed with air chambers as their core support system. Airbed might
not be the right choice for everyone, but a great choice for people who like to customize
firmness, bounce or all those who need a temporary mattress option that’s effortless to deflate
and store it.
To Wrap Up:
The best way to choose your ideal mattress is to know what your requirements are.
Depending on those factors, you will be able to choose the right type of mattress. We hope
this blog gives you some insights on choosing the right mattress.
Reach out to your Kohir Mattress Showroom, experience the collections of the most
comfortable mattresses as per your requirements or click here for more information.

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